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A UAE national wins Dhs100,000 dirhams in "W Capital" 3rd draw

A UAE national wins Dhs100,000 dirhams in "W Capital" 3rd draw
"W Capital"

The Emirati national Ahmed Saeed Zaal, won the prize of the third draw conducted recently by the Dubai-based real estate brokerage “W Capital”.
The draw is the second this year and the third in a row within three draws organized by "W Capital", the real estate brokerage with the aim of stimulating real estate sales.
“The draw is the last of 3 draws that began in early December 2022 and cover a period of six months, with two months separating each one,” said Walid Al Zarooni, CEO.
He revealed that this will not be the company's last draw, and there will be many offers and draws that distinguish W Capital clients, which will help stimulate real estate sales and increase the volume of competition.
Al Zarooni stressed the company's keenness to present large prizes to the competitors, at a value of Dhs100,000 each time, explaining that the value of the prizes presented by "W Capital" real estate brokerage since its establishment until now amounts to Dhs1.8 million.
W Capital had previously organized draws worth Dhs1.5 million, which included an apartment worth Dhs450,000, as well as a draw for 3 cars, the value of each was Dhs150,000, in addition to 5 prizes with a total value of Dhs500,000 .
The CEO stated that the participants in the draw who bought a housing unit through the "W Capital" company, received a coupon for every Dhs100,000 paid, and the higher the value, the bigger the number of coupons was. For example, whoever bought a unit worth one million dirhams got 10 coupons.
Al Zarooni stated that the Dubai real estate market has reached a high level of maturity, with all parties benefiting from the robust performance and achieving gains. Real estate developers sell residential projects as soon as units are offered within hours, and buyers also benefit from the high prices, which enhances their investment gains.
He stressed that Dubai has become the best city for living and working, according to international  specialists reports and recent opinion polls for visitors to Dubai. They believe the emirate presents the ideal model in light of the availability of advanced infrastructure and attractive investment opportunities with attractive returns.
  Walid Al Zarooni pointed out that W Capital Real Estate Brokerage is keen to market to the prominent real estate developers to obtain the best units at the best prices for customers, and to reserve their trust.
Al Zarooni affirmed W Capital's commitment to all the requirements of the DED, which are required to organize such withdrawals, amid high levels of transparency while achieving justice for all customers who comply with the conditions.
Al Zarooni explained that these offers and raffles are one of the companies' means of stimulating real estate sales and attracting customers to increase the purchasing momentum of individuals and companies, while highlighting the attractive investment opportunities available in the market, which is still on an upward track in the medium term.
He added that the real estate market broke records in sales last year and is expected to continue its positive performance in 2023, betting on the economic activity in the emirate, the incentives and facilities provided to attract investors and the ease of granting visas and residence.